Philip Jackson (left) , President of the Purbeck Art Weeks Festival, with Phil (right) at his Open Studio exhibition June 2016.

Phil Hill – Biography and Artist’s Statement
It was back in the 1970s that I first picked up a paintbrush and very quickly what was to have been a pleasurable hobby became more of an obsession.  After just a few years I was considered sufficiently accomplished to take up a position teaching art at adult education classes in Bournemouth which I found very rewarding.
In 1980 we moved to Purbeck, to a large house in need of renovation, and for almost 20 years my art came to a standstill.  It was the serious onset of rheumatoid arthritis in 2004 which kept me housebound for many months and rekindled my love of painting.
Having now turned to abstraction and constructivism, composition relies less on the natural world and more on imagination and intuition using the simple line, loop and circle as the basis of most pictures.  Having begun a painting it inevitably throws up ideas for the next and it is not unusual for me to have several paintings at various stages of completion at any one time.
A blank canvas is challenging but full of potential.  The sketch for a composition may provide a beginning but as the picture builds so the composition may change.  When shapes are suggested, I pick up on them and work them into the composition balancing shape against shape, colour against colour.  There comes a point in a painting when all the elements are present, the composition and the colours working together, and the painting takes on a life of its own.  That is the time to stop.










"My website includes abstract and surreal paintings characterised by strong colour in a unique and distinguishable style. Working from my studio in the Purbeck Hills near Corfe Castle in Dorset, I put my own highly creative ideas on paper and canvas using a limited palette but with an unlimited imagination."